Quran Class

Quran Classes For Kids

“The Quran is Allah’s divine guidance for Muslims. Enrolling children at Boston Islamic Center (BIC) helps them learn the Quran and practice Islam. Explore what BIC’s weekend Quran classes have to offer:

1. Early Education: Start young for a strong faith foundation.
2. Love and Understanding: Nurture love and understanding of Islam.
3. Daily Application: Teach applying Quranic teachings in life.
4. Qualified Teachers: Expert teachers ensure effective learning.
5. Comprehensive Curriculum: BIC offers diverse education, making well-rounded Muslims.
6. Community Involvement: Engage kids in the local Muslim community.
7. Parental Support: Active parental involvement.

Invest in your children’s Islamic education at BIC for a noble and fulfilling journey.”

To register your children, please complete the application form below. We will contact you if a spot becomes available. Please be aware that we only accept children aged 5 and older.

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